IJA European Championship 2009
Facts Joust and skill Participants Results

An overall goal for the ECS 2009 was to unite and bond the participants and all people involved in the tournament, into greater understanding of medieval history, knighthood and tournaments. To help this effort the camp was made a central stage for companionship and socialising before and after each days tournament. We tried to provide an opportunity for socialising and merrymaking around the campfire with the possibility for medieval music and storytelling as well as the sharing of experience.

Knights were divided into four groups with four people during a public draw on Wednesday. All persons in one group ran 3 passes at each other. The 8 best placed knights (results from skill at arms also counted to determine this) took part in the semi final on Friday, and the 4 best knights from the semi final took part in the final on Saturday. Matches was drawn randomly. The scores for each jouster was accumulated over the course of the tournament, and counted 55% in the total sum for each knight.

The Skill at Arms contest consisted of two different courses, each one representing a battlefield to some degree. Each knight had one single run in each course, and the average sum from both SAA courses counted 45% in the total sum for each knight.

To reach the finals a knight had to do well in both SAA and joust.