IJA European Championship 2009
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Denmark had a strong position during the medieval ages, and at some point they trained and exported horses bred for war and tournament. Already in the early 13th century Arnold of Lubeck wrote that the Danes had many good horses and that they bred horses and put as much honour in joust as they did in fighting aboard ships. Horses was Denmark’s biggest export article during the medieval ages, and in Lyngby church we find a painting from the 12th century that show jousting.

ECS 2009 was the first real tournament in Denmark since 1596.

IJA European Championship 2009
* 6 european countires represented
* 14 riders
* 14 horses
* 50 people involved
* 13 medieval pavillions
* 460 broken lances
* 250 cabbages
* 112 apples

* 100 000 visitors

* 1 winner